Hello there, weary internet traveler. This website was originally founded by a man named Terry. Busy to Death was a thing he made to explore the relationship between mindfulness and technology. My name is Patrick and I am here to continue his mission, of with with an expanded focus on business and life in general. Here you’ll find various thoughts on productivity, minimalism and work-life balance.

Terry was a web developer, marketer, and entrepreneur. He dealt with technology in most of his waking life. Over the years before founding this site, he Imade a conscious effort to live intentionally, meditate often and fight workload fetishism. He was also a voracious reader.

As he no longer had time for this site, it is safe to assume he failed at not being too busy, or actually died of busy.

My name is Patrick and I am a CPA and attorney.  I have made countless efforts to achieve a balanced life, but have failed to do so.  Busy has nearly killed me several times I am close to the conclusion that no such achievement is possible.

If you’d like to get in touch with me, I’d be glad to receive any transmission you deem worthy of sending. You can email me at patrick (at) busytodeath.com