Efficiency & Balance.

Death to Workload Fetishism.

Busy to Death is dedicated to productivity, efficiency, work-life balance and healthy, happy lives.

Reclaim Your Time

You can probably work less and get more results. How? By spending your time where you are most effective and efficient.

The Benefits of Work-Life Balance

What you do ‘off the clock’ is just as important, or probably more so than what you do on it. Stable, healthy work-life balance is essential to earning big, creative victories.

Carve Out Your Future

By living intentionally and engineering your time, you’ll have unfettered control over your time, your business and your goals.

What's This All About?

Entrepreneurship can be dangerous.

In many circles, 90 hour + workweeks are worn as a badge of honor. Everyone wants to talk about how much they grind, how many hours to log and how much code they write. But where is the work-life balance? When do we get to talk about how efficient we were?